Top 10 African Restaurants in Atlanta You Should Try

Looking for African restaurants in Atlanta? This is your top guide to restaurants where you can find the best African food in Atlanta. People of African descent living in the US miss many things about their homeland. One of them is the traditional and mouth-watering African cuisine. After Washington DC and New York, Atlanta is one of the cities where Africans are in large numbers.

Yes, you heard it right!

About 50.95% of people living in Atlanta are of African descent.  They often move around the city to find the best African restaurants. They not only want to satisfy their cravings for the African food in Atlanta but also save money. To make it easy for you to find African food, we’ve identified the best African restaurants in Atlanta.

Best African Restaurants in Atlanta

Knowing the best African restaurants in America is not straightforward, especially if you have not lived in the country for a long time. But you need not worry because we have done the leg work for you. So, let’s explore the best options when it comes to finding the best African food in Atlanta, Georgia.

1. Desta Ethiopian Kitchen

Desta Ethiopian Kitchen

Desta Ethiopian Kitchen. Photo credit – Destaethiopiankitchen

Ethiopian food is considered the first love of foodies in Africa. It helps them remind the traditional heritage of their country. That is why the majority of the people are looking for the best Ethiopian African restaurants in Atlanta. Desta Ethiopian Kitchen is one of those options that never fail as a place to serve you the best food.

The chefs at this African restaurant are known for picking up the top picks from Ethiopian cuisine. In this way, you will love to try out new dishes on every visit. Besides, the taste of Ethiopian food at this place creates a tempting aroma all around the area.

One of the fantastic features of this place is that it serves traditional African food while maintaining a modern infrastructure. They have integrated modern LED lights with classy chairs and tables to enhance the restaurant’s outlook. However, the menu includes:

  • Foul
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Kinche
  • Fetira
  • Breakfast Combo
  • Kifto Slice
  • Salmon Starter Salad
  • Chicken Sandwich Salmon Sandwich
  • Pasta with Lamb
  • Pasta with Chicken

Location: 3086 Briarcliff Road, Northeast Atlanta, GA 30329

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2. Ike’s Café and Grill

Ike's Café and Grill, one of the best African Restaurants in Atlanta

Ike’s Café and Grill food. Photo credit – ikescafeandgrill

The majority of the Africans not only crave the African food in Atlanta but also look for the typical ambiance of African restaurants. So, considering this very fact, we are adding Ike’s Café and Grill to the list of top African restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia. It not only serves the highest quality of hygienic African food but is also a great bar.

It seems like the best option to chill out on your weekends. Everything is available here with a wide range of dishes, including typical African platters to the seafood grills. We are also sure that you will love the staff here since they help the customers pick the right option.

The chefs here maintain hygiene while cooking several dishes. Food is always served when it’s fresh and hot. In this, the staff of this restaurant doesn’t give a chance to customers to get disappointed. The menu includes:

  • Beef Suya
  • Jollof Rice
  • Red Snapper
  • Egusi

Location: 1250 Tech Drive, Norcross, GA 30093

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3. Bamba Cuisine

African food at Bamba Cuisine

African food at Bamba Cuisine. Photo credit – @bambacuisine

If you are looking for an African restaurant that is famous not only for the taste but also for experience, Bamba Cuisine will be your top pick. With an extensive knowledge of 20 years, the chefs here serve the highest quality of Senegalese cuisine.

In addition to this, a wide range of traditional dishes with a sparkling African taste are available. It is rated as the top African restaurant in Atlanta. We suggest our foodies try this option if they want to live the taste of African food while living in Atlanta.

Many Africans love to explore the demanding dishes since the chefs play their best role in enhancing the food of African dishes. Besides, a cozy infrastructure is available to feel like your own home. Delivery of delicious food is also available. The menu includes:

  • Nems
  • Fattayah
  • Tiep Bou Dien
  • Thiou Bollettes
  • Tiep Bou Yap
  • Soupou Kandja
  • Mafe

Location: 3700 Campbellton Rd SW #1, Atlanta, GA 30311

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4. Cape Dutch

If you are a fan of delicacies in food, Cape Dutch is one of the best African restaurants in Atlanta. It maintains a high-class environment for foodies who want to try the best African food while keeping their class. In addition, this option has stood out from many other restaurants due to the superb service.

We are sure that you will love the ambiance besides the food at this place. They are experts in providing the highest quality of South African cuisine. They also offer live cooking options to the food lovers coming to have food here.

One of the primary reasons for the increasing demand for this restaurant is the high rating given by customers. They offer a wide range of delicious dishes from South African cuisine. The menu includes:

  • Steaks
  • Cornish hens
  • Seafood
  • Braii sauces
  • Biltong
  • Steak cuts


5. Imperial Fez

Are you thinking of spending your weekend chilling at any African restaurant in Atlanta that serves more than just food? If so, Imperial Fez will run through your nerves as the best option. It’s not an option if you are looking for a quick option.

There are many enjoyment opportunities available here. The food at this African restaurant stands out the quality. The chefs here never fail to soothe the taste buds of Africans.

Besides the delicious food, the staff offers belly dancing, a five-course meal, and whatnot. A complete bar with high-quality African beers is also available here. The menu includes:

  • Lentil Soup
  • Salad
  • Bastilla Pastry Appetizer
  • Mixed Roasted and Rice Course
  • Dessert
  • Tea

Location: 4790 Peachtree Industrial Blvd Ste 204, Norcross, GA 30071

6. Nema Kitchen

Here is another food place in Atlanta for those craving the West African dishes. When you live in a metropolitan city like Atlanta, there are many hurdles in finding the best West African food. But, Nema kitchen comes in handy when it comes to eating the best foods in Atlanta.

This restaurant is famous for providing a delicious variety of lunch and dinner. The extensive menu never disappoints the customers with the quality of the food.

Above all, the chefs here are very experienced in making different types of African dishes in no time. You will also love the ambiance here. However, the menu includes:

  • Fish Pie
  • Meat Pie
  • Chawarma
  • Chakri
  • Red Benechin
  • Cow Foot Soup
  • Nyambeh Nyebeh

Location: 2905 Campbellton Rd SW suite c, Atlanta, GA 30311

7. Zunzi’s

Besides all other types of African food, South African cuisine is responsible for soothing the taste buds of the Africans living in Atlanta. This is the primary reason people are heading towards zunzi’s as their best food place.

Plus, if you want to fulfill your hunger in no time, you should go to this place. An extensive menu of delicious dishes is waiting for you.

Some of the common reasons for its increasing demand include the menu and ambiance of the environment. People coming here get the feeling of their home in Africa. The menu includes:

  • Conquistador
  • Godfather
  • Fisherman’s deck
  • Booty roll
  • Lettuce Wrap
  • Pita Wrap
  • Salad
  • Bowl

Location: 1971 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 30318

8. Tracx Grills

In addition to all the options mentioned above, Tracx grills are famous for providing the highest quality African junk food. You will fall in love with this place if you want to taste something rather than traditional African food.

The menu of this fantastic restaurant contains extensive options. Thus, there are many chances that you may get confused while choosing one correct option.

The chefs are experts at providing premium quality, delicious Nigerian and Cameroonian cuisine. Thus, you don’t have to suffer to find Atlanta’s best African cuisine dishes. The menu includes:

  • Lamb Suya
  • Goat Suya
  • Moi Moi
  • Eru Ukazi Soup
  • Curry Goat
  • Curry Chicken
  • Ayamse
  • Ogbono

Location: 1644 Atlanta Rd Ste 112 Marietta, GA 30060

9. Bole Ethiopian Restaurant

Cravings for the delicious Ethiopian dishes can never be fulfilled unless you get a chance to visit a place like Bole Ethiopian Restaurant. We assure you that you will get a never-ending list of mouth-watering African dishes at this place.

Besides the delicious food, they also offer a wide range of beverages to satisfy the people’s needs. You will love the detailed menu with a wide range of refreshments.

The staff here is so friendly that you can ask them to customize your plate according to your liking and disliking. In addition, the prices are very reasonable to afford. The menu includes:

  • Injera
  • Veggie combo
  • Vegetarian Combo
  • Bole Combinati

Location: 1583 Virginia Ave, College Park, GA 30337, United States

10. Femi’s Food

Let’s conclude this list with the most famous African restaurant in Atlanta. It stands out on the list with 5-star reviews. The chefs here are always more than happy to the food lovers.

Furthermore, they also maintain a healthy yet peaceful environment within the restaurant. This is the primary reason behind the recurrent visits of foodies.

Besides serving the highest quality of food, the staff here also provides home delivery services. You can even order your favorite meal from this African restaurant in Atlanta. The menu includes:

  • Nigerian Meat Pies
  • Party Jollof Rice
  • Goat Meat Stew
  • Chin Chin
  • Beef Suya
  • Scotch Eggs

Location: Buford, GA 30519


There is no need for you to worry about finding the right place to try African food in Atlanta. We have mentioned some of the best options for African restaurants in Atlanta. Make sure to read the whole list and pick one choice.

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