Latest and Most Beautiful African Dresses of 2021

Are you looking for the latest beautiful African dresses? If so, we’ve got you in mind. African dresses are becoming very popular in nearly every part of the world. Their unique makeup and styles are beginning to capture the attention of designers and people from across the globe.

African fashion designers are focusing on precision to create designs that compliment women’s performance, occupation, and curves. In today’s African fashion highlight, we feature some of the latest and most beautiful African dresses.

Beautiful African Dresses that are Trending

Here is our selection of the 10 most beautiful chic African dresses for the year 2021.

10. The trendy chic printed two-piece dress

Trendy chic printed two-piece African dress

Trendy chic printed two-piece African dress. Photo credit – WaxAfrica

This choice is particularly unique for a date, for an evening or to go out with the girls. Lightweight, modern and very young, this accessory allows you to sneak anywhere without going unnoticed. This is an exceptional spring model that can go with you everywhere. Advantages of this African fashion:

  • Motifs that perfectly enhance African culture
  • A neat design with bright and attractive colors
  • A bustier or a neckline that can embellish its morphology
  • It is a casual model that adapts to any occasion
  • An outfit that doesn’t require additional adornments

As for accessories, it is possible to choose a bracelet or a pendant according to its style. Stiletto heel or basketball, this garment is always suitable in all circumstances. Moreover, a small handbag or a chic backpack can go perfectly with it.

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9. The African print maxi dress with headwear

African print maxi dress with headwear

African print maxi dress with headwear. Photo credit – Joy Line Clothing

This outfit is absolutely ideal for fully integrating African fashion into your wardrobe. The fabric is of very good quality with a marriage of colors of golden yellow and blood red. True traditional model, this outfit is nevertheless far from displeasing. Advantages of this African woman dress:

  • An original structure that reflects the ancestral specificities of African couture
  • Captivating and high-end textures
  • A chic, elegant and charming accessory to show off
  • An ideal set to make a difference when going out
  • A costume that does not require any particular haircut

In general, this material is used alone, without a sweater, shawl, or another such additional garment. As a shoe, sandals or heels can do the trick. As for jewelry, it is better to go for an assortment of chokers and earrings in this way.

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8. The tiger evening dress

Tiger evening dress

Tiger evening dress. Photo credit – Imall

Who said African dresses and fashion came from the bush? This magnificent outfit proves that the African woman can also become a real femme fatale. Chic, classy and elegant at the same time, this fabric can reveal your personality. Its benefits:

  • A design that is particularly simple in terms of aesthetics, but very trendy
  • A perfectly divine bustier and open back model
  • A clothing item for an important event
  • Tiger patterns all over the fabric surface with green, yellow, and blue colors
  • A tight and sexy sleeveless dress

Regarding accessories, a pendant is strongly recommended to highlight your neckline. A small bracelet or a watch can adorn your arms to break the routine. For shoes, sandals, heels, and wedges all stay fit for the room.

7. The two-part evening dress

Two-part evening dress

Two-part evening dress. Photo credit – WaxAfrica

This is particularly one of the stylish beautiful African dresses. Thanks to its semi-transparent blacktop and its rather baggy bottom. The garment is suitable for all ages and can be worn for any occasion. It is a perfect combination of a shade of red and black. Some benefits include:

  • Its size and dimension adapt to the body without problem
  • Pleasant patterns to look at with this harmony of lines and circles
  • A style that can be both sexy and bewitching while remaining elegant
  • A quality fabric that reveals the modernity of African fashion
  • A light wardrobe, easy to wear and to integrate into a look

It is an ideal solution to make people jealous at a party. A small shoulder bag can be used to complete the dress. Pretty showy earrings are recommended to enhance your beauty. As for shoes, high heels are preferred.

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6. The modern and stylish loincloth mini dress

Modern and stylish loincloth mini dress

Modern and stylish loincloth mini dress. Photo credit – Thefashionparlour

This African women’s dress style exudes impressive originality. Arranged in two pieces, this outfit reveals both elegance and class with a little wild touch with its mud-brown color. Advantages of this beautiful African dress:

  • A light and beautiful outfit to integrate into parties and professional events
  • Short sleeves and a knee-length skirt revealing the legs
  • A stylish loincloth confection with golden textures
  • A waist belt to match any type of body shape
  • The possibility of being accompanied by a fabric bun

This combination demonstrates the true values ​​of African fashion by offering a classic and trendy model of clothing. Tiger wedges or heels with predator skins are suitable as shoes. For jewelry, a pearl neck necklace and a showy bracelet are recommended to adorn the wrists.

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5. The evening dress with tribal textures

Evening dress with tribal textures

Evening dress with tribal textures. Photo credit – Etsy

Contrary to what people may think, African fashion is quite ideal for looking beautiful and young. This incredible piece proves that perfectly with its weighted aesthetic, daring design, and traditional dyeing. Here are its benefits:

  • Geometric features typical of the ancestral culture of Africa
  • A pleasant, stimulating, and harmonious color marriage
  • A simple cut that offers ease of wearing
  • A short-sleeve style that highlights the shoulders and legs
  • An outfit that adapts to any fashion style

This exceptional dress can be worn in any circumstance. It can be accompanied by a ribbon, a bun, or a fabric for the head. In terms of jewelry, long bohemian earrings are the most appropriate. For shoes, small pumps can do the trick.

4. The chic and modern floral print dress

Chic and modern floral print dress - Beautiful African dresses

Chic and modern floral print dress. Photo credit – Outfittrends

This configuration stands out for its exceptional patterns that catch the eye. In the form of a short strapless dress going up to the knees. Her style and aesthetic exude the joy of living, the strength of youth, and the femininity of a true African woman. Its advantages :

  • A particularly trendy and fashionable light outfit
  • Floral textures of yellow and red breaking all visual monotony
  • Comfortable wearing and easy integration into clothing
  • Design simplicity that can bring a look to life
  • A unique model for your viewing pleasure

This strapless mini-dress is aimed at a rather young target for its bright colors. A pearl choker seems to be suitable for the outfit. This, without forgetting a small handbag and a chain-type bracelet. To accompany it, black heels can be adopted.

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3. The trendy loincloth dress for work

Trendy dress for work

Trendy dress for work. Photo credit – Ankarastyl

This model exudes a truly unique style. Very classy and particularly elegant, this outfit can make you stand out at work and at your professional events. With incredible textures, this off-the-shoulder bustier is simply divine. Its advantages include:

  • A production from traditional loincloth
  • Old-style structures that perfectly blend the culture of the time and modernity
  • A tight mini-dress that highlights the body and the morphology
  • An original style with its straps and its ribbon that runs the length of the garment
  • An accessory suitable for any event

This outfit goes with any fashion. It can be formal or casual, this item has it all. A small bag and pumps are enough to show it off properly.

2. The mermaid loincloth dress

Mermaid loincloth dress - beautiful African dresses

Mermaid loincloth dress. Photo credit – Stylevore

It is a completely atypical set, but it turns out to be truly beautiful. The marriage of fringes and mermaid style coincide perfectly to provide a quality and original garment. That said, here are some of its advantages;

  • An article that highlights the morphology and the whole body
  • A unique design that easily stands out from the crowd
  • An aesthetic outfit suitable for a wedding or for an important event
  • Obvious textures of African culture
  • A dress that does not require any additional decorative accessories

The combination is perfect to make a difference at a party. It remains elegant and beautiful with a touch of extravagance. Besides, it is better to go for heels for this choice.

1. Ankara wedding dress

Ankara wedding dress - beautiful African dresses

Ankara wedding dress. Photo credit – Etsy

The prize goes to this traditional Ankara nugget. Modern, original, divine, exceptional, and magnificent, this lace set remains the perfect combination of usefulness and pleasure. With this outfit, any woman can present herself as a real queen at a party. Besides, here are the gains of this African fashion dress:

  • A classic black and white wedding that suits any event
  • A design that is both simple and complex
  • Exceptional textures pleasing to the eye
  • A completely elegant piece for any woman who wants to assert herself
  • A totally bewitching traditional wedding dress

This garment is simply unique. In addition, it does not require any scabbard or other accessories to show it off. Classic heels are enough.

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