10 Ways to Grow Natural Hair Faster

How do I grow natural hair faster? If you are asking this question, we have done the legwork for you. The fact is that your hair is growing even this minute but you might not be noticing it. Hair grows around half a millimeter every day. This translates to half an inch each month and 6 inches in a year.

Long natural hair is beautiful and shows originality. It is also a fashion statement and bold expression. Sometimes, you may not see any hair growth. Some common reasons that prevent your hair from growing are hair breaking, hair shrinking, and lack of patience.

If your hair is not long enough, you do not need to worry. You can grow hair faster, naturally. Here are proven ways to grow natural hair quickly.

Grow Natural Hair Faster with these Tips

1. Use wide-toothed combs to detangle your hair

Sometimes, natural hair gets tangled up and that can be frustrating. Depending on your hair, detangling it can be painful and time-consuming. So, the best solution for tangled hair is to use a wide-toothed comb. This type of comb will help to untangle your hair faster with much less pain.

Narrow-tooted combs often get rough with hair and after using them, you end up with a lot of broken hair. You don’t want to break it because your goal is to grow your natural hair quickly. Therefore, use a wide-toothed comb and brush your hair gently from ends to roots.

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2. Avoid heating your hair too much

People mostly expose their hair to high heat in order to straighten it. But excess heat from hair dryers, hair straighteners, and curling irons can damage your hair. This is because hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Excessive heating damages this protein. To grow your natural hair faster and in a healthy way, do not expose it to excess heat.

3. Trim your hair often

You might be wondering the point of trimming your hair often yet you want to grow it. Besides, this seems to defeat the initial purpose. But the point is that hair develops split ends over time. If these are not trimmed, they can slow or even stop the growth of your hair. Hair trimming is a great way to remove split ends. That way, you can grow natural hair faster. Watch this video to learn how to trim your hair.

4. Give yourself a scalp massage

Oftentimes, we forget that a healthy scalp promotes hair growth. Just as good soil produces healthy plants, a healthy scalp can make your hair grow faster. Research supports that scalp massage can stimulate hair growth. Thus, a simple way to grow your hair naturally is to massage your scalp regularly.

Doing this increases blood flow, enables nutrients to reach your follicles faster, and strengthens hair roots. Performing a scalp massage once a week is good for your hair growth. It is okay to do it with dry hair but using a nutrient-rich oil can double the effect.

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5. Co-wash your hair

You probably have been washing your natural hair the same way for a long time. But when you want to grow natural hair quickly, trying something different can be beneficial. Co-washing is known as a secret to healthier hair. But most importantly, it is said to help with hair growth. Basically, co-washing means washing hair solely with a conditioner.

Continued use of shampoos strips off your hair natural oils and moisture, making it dry and frizzy. Although that is the case, you don’t need to abandon shampoos altogether. You still need to use them to clean your hair but you can interchange them with co-washing. The latter keeps your hair moisturized, softer, and makes it easy to manage.

Unlike dry hair that is prone to breakage, soft moisturized hair doesn’t break easily. Thus, co-washing helps you to retain your hair length and attain your goal faster. Watch this short video on co-washing to learn how to do it.

6. Treat your hair with castor oil

Castor oil is not praised much like certain products in the hair world. Nonetheless, it has incredible potential for promoting hair growth. Castor oil contains antibacterial and antifungal properties. These help to fight scalp infections that prevent or delay the growth of your hair.

Also, it has several types of nutrients including omega-6 fatty acids, proteins, and vitamin E. These nutrients help to retain moisture by entering your parched strands and sealing your hair shaft. Most importantly, castor oil is an amazing hair treatment. Massaging it into your hair roots enables maximum absorption of nutrients. That way, your hair grows faster.

So, warm your castor oil to a comfortable temperature and then massage it onto your scalp. Be sure to apply it to the ends of your strands. Do that regularly while using your conditioner and shampoo as usual. You will soon begin to notice softer strands, and your hair will grow faster.

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7. Eat healthy diets

Eat healthy diets to grow natural hair faster

Eat healthy diets to grow natural hair faster. Photo credit – Parisischool

Many people want to have long and strong hair. But few seem to know the impact of healthy foods on hair growth. Diet is one of the factors that promote hair growth. The good thing about food is that you can control what you eat. A diet that is deficient in certain nutrients can do a lot of harm to your hair. In fact, it can lead to hair loss.

But eating a balanced diet promotes hair growth. Your hair gets nutrients from the food you eat. Certain fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins are particularly important in the health and growth of your hair. These include Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins E, C, & D, Zinc, Iron, and biotin. Thus, the rate at which your hair grows depends on what you eat, among other factors. Fortunately, you can quickly correct deficiencies in your diet and thus grow natural hair faster.

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8. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals

Chemicals in certain hair products can damage your hair and even cause hair loss. These include relaxers, dyes as well as some other synthetic coloring and tinting products. These chemicals can be very harsh on either your natural hair or scalp. Besides, they can change the chemical environment in your scalp, making it unconducive to fast hair growth. Therefore, avoiding the use of harsh chemicals will encourage the growth of your natural hair.

9. Choose your shampoo wisely

Not every shampoo in the market is good for your hair and scalp. Some are very harsh on your hair. Also, it is said that over-shampooing can result in dry, broken, and brittle hair. This is because overusing the cleanser takes away natural oils from hair.

So, avoid shampoos with sulfate because these are known to easily damage hair cuticles. Once that happens, hair growth is affected. Also, use your shampoo sparingly, like once a week. Doing that will help to retain the natural oils in your hair.

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10. Do not use unprotective hairstyles

Unprotective hairstyles cause hair breakage, especially when your hair isn’t properly moisturized. If you wear very tight braids, you are likely to end up with some broken hair. But the good news is that you can avoid breakage by adapting protective hairstyles. In fact, using protective hair styling is well known to grow natural hair faster.

With a protective hairstyle, women with coily hair can enjoy summer without worrying about their hair. Protective styling keeps the ends of your hair tucked away and discourages pulling and tugging. Some protective styles that you can consider include cornrows or box braids, two-strand twists, and more. Watch this video to learn how to do 2-strand twisting.

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Every woman feels bold and beautiful with long natural hair. There is no remedy or magical potion that can lead to instant hair growth. But you can grow natural hair quickly using the above tips. Implement them and see yourself growing long and healthier hair that you have always longed to have.

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