10 Easy Natural Hairstyles For Beginners

Our list of natural hairstyles for beginners is best suited for people who recently transitioned into natural hairstyles. If you have lived your whole life with natural hair,  you could also learn a thing or two. Most often, people get completely lost when they first make this transition.

Other than trying to figure out which is the best product for natural hair,  you might have no idea how to style your natural hair. There is no doubt that some guides or videos might seem quite complex for starters to master or find their signature natural hairstyle.

If you have watched beauty tutorials and read hair guides but you still find them confusing or hard to understand, you have come to the right place. Below are some easy natural hairstyles for beginners. These styles will not cause hair breakage or leave it battered.

10 Natural Hairstyles for Beginners that are Easy To Do

1. Fauxhawk hairstyle

Fauxhawk is an incredibly cute style. It is one of those easy to make natural hairstyles. It is also one of the natural hairstyle ideas that do not go out of fashion. You simply need a few pins. Whether you have long or shorter hair, you can apply the same concept to produce a gorgeous look.

At first sight, you might think this hairstyle is complicated but it isn’t really hard to make. To start with, apply some styling gel on both sides of your head. Next, brush either side of your head carefully to create a mohawk-like look. Use bobby pins to hold your natural hair into place.

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2. Half up twists with bun

If you are looking for natural hairstyles for beginners, this is another chic style that you can create quickly with ease. Many people wonder ways they can style their thick twists. Well, to get started with this natural hairstyle, ensure to have some beads and piece them around your hair.

Then, hold the front section of your natural hair and wrap it around to create a bun. Finally, secure your style with bobby pins. With this natural hairstyle, you can easily unpin and unwrap the bun to make a different hairstyle.

3. Halo twists hairstyle

Making Halo Twists on your hair is pretty quick and easy. You simply begin above one ear, taking a section of your hair from the front and another from the back and making a flat twist. Take a new piece of hair after every few twists.

Move across your head till you get above your other ear to build a hola into your scalp. Lastly, secure your style with pins. While making hola twists, ensure that your hairline is maintained and smooth to produce a sleek and professional appearance.

4. Head scarf hairstyle

Head scarf is one of those natural hairstyles for beginners that produces a gorgeous appearance. Anyone can wear a head scarf and look great and attend any casual event they desire. This is because a scarf acts as a perfect addition to your outfit. The good thing about the hair scarf style is that you can create it without getting any hair breakage.

This hairstyle helps to keep hair off the face. To create this style, open your scarf fully. Then, place one edge along the forehead and bring the other to the back. This will cover your head fully. Next, take both ends and make a knot at the back while ensuring each end is even. Then, take the knot and move it to one side of your head. That is not the only way to make a head scarf. You can use a scarf to create different styles.

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5. Heatless curl set hairstyle

Do you know you can curl your hair without heating it? This is done using flexi rods, which you can buy from your local beauty store. These rods will help you to make stylish natural curls. To achieve a gorgeous heatless curl set, make sure to clean and condition your hair first.

Then, apply some leave-in conditioner while the hair is damp. You can distribute the conditioner evenly using a detangling comb. The leave-in conditioner helps to add more moisture to better the outcome. Then, pick your flexi rods. Make your hair into rolls and then twist the rods to hold each curl into place. Start from the back and work your way to the front. Lastly, remove the rods once your hair gets totally dry.

6. Natural top knot hairstyle

Whenever you find yourself running out of time, consider styling a top knot. This is a great natural hairstyle that you can do in under 10 minutes and end up with a chic look. If you want to style a knot without hangups, begin by washing and conditioning your hair. Doing this helps to remove any knots and prepare it for a great look.

Allow it to dry and then use a comb to make a ponytail at the top. Then, use a donut bun maker to style your top knot. Slip your bun maker gently over the ponytail. Next, wrap and tuck the bun into place using bobby pins. Finish your styling by applying some hairspray to your hair.

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7. Double buns hairstyle

If your hair is not long enough to make a top knot, you can opt for double buns. Double buns are known to produce trendy looks for shorter hair. This is one of the easy to create natural hairstyles for beginners. First, wash and condition your natural hair. Second, use a comb to divide your hair at the center. Next, create pigtails on either side of your hair using elastics. Lastly, carefully wrap your hair to make double buns using bobby pins.

8. Wavy lob hairstyle

This hairstyle can work perfectly on any hair texture. It is one of those natural hairstyles that remain trendy from year to year. Luckily, it is super easy to maintain a wavy lob hairstyle. It remains fresh and sassy. Some people prefer to wear a short version that remains above their shoulders or just below the shoulders. When made with a curling iron, it produces soft waves that introduce movement to your tresses. Depending on your hair, you can stay for more than a week before visiting your hairstylist.

9. Crown braid hairstyle

Crown braids wrap around the head above the forehead in a crown or half-moon shape. This style might seem like one of those natural hairstyles for beginners that are a bit complicated. However, you can master it quickly with ease. Whether you prefer polished, tight, or messy styling, this natural hairstyle for starters is very versatile.

This style works for hairs with different textures, densities, and types. You begin creating a crown braid by sectioning off the hair that will be braided. Use a rat tail comb to section your hair behind your ear. Then pull the comb’s tail straight across the top part of your head in a “C” shape until you get behind the other ear.

If you have thinner hair, section a bit deeper. Once the hair for the crown is sectioned off, tie the rest of the hair and then begin braiding. Then, you can tuck the ends of your braid and put it in place using bobby pins.

10. Twist out hairstyle

This is one of the natural hairstyles ideas that does not go out of fashion. It is classy and gorgeous and can work for any occasion. Thus mastering how to create a twist out is definitely worth it. Most importantly, creating twist outs is pretty easy for beginners.

To create the best twist out, it is advisable to start this style with hair that is completely detangled. Your hair ends also need to be in good condition because having split ends can make it quite hard to separate your twists.

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There is no doubt that some hairstyle guides or videos might have seemed quite complex for you to master. Nonetheless, finding your signature natural hairstyle should not be a daunting task. Our list of easy natural hairstyles for beginners will help you find the best styling options for your natural hair.

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